Dressage Horses for Sale

Dutch Dressage Horses for Sale

We can always offer you a top quality Dutch dressage warmblood stallion, gelding or mare for sale at our stable. Most dressage horses for sale are Dutch warmbloods bred horses, modern types, fine characters, three good gaits, good size and great mind. Our horses come in all ages, levels and quality.

The Dutch KWPN warmbloods are doing very well at the highest dressage levels. The Dutch warmblood dressage horses have become famous because of their achievements. For example; Glamourdale, Totilas, Gribaldi, Ferro and Jazz and many more. Also offering German warmblood dressage horses for sale as we are close to Germany.

Offering talented Dutch dressage horses for sale from young prospect to Grand Prix dressage schoolmaster. Take a look at our dressage warmbloods for sale in Holland, Europe.

If you are looking for a great talented dressage horse for sale do not hesitate to contact us and let 40 years of experience work for you to find the perfect match.

Please note, not all our horses are available online. Feel free to make inquiries for more information!

El Capone Dressage Schoolmaster Prix St. Georges

El Capone

Gelding, 13yrs old, 16.2hh 1.69m
Zjengis Khan x Hemmingway. Dressage Prix St. Georges
Schoolmaster / Competition horse for all level riders!

Grand Prix Dressage Gelding For Sale


Gelding, 11½yrs old, 17hh 1.73m
Alexander x Casco. Dressage Prix St. George [close to Grand Prix])
Schoolmaster / Competition gelding for Amateur, Young / Junior riders.

Hype Charmeur X Stedinger Dressage Gelding


SOLD to Jennifer, USA
Gelding, 9yrs old, 16.2hh 1.67m
Charmeur x Stedinger. Dressage Prix St. George
Competition sporthorse / schoolmaster with a lot of experience!

Herthe Prix St. George Dressage Mare


SOLD to Carol USA
Mare, 8yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Coriolan x Vivaldi. Dressage Prix St. George
Competition horse / schoolmaster with a lot of experience!

Dressage Horse Governor By Totilas For Sale

Le Vemmion

Stallion (Gelding), 4yrs old, 16.2hh 1.67m
Governor (by Totilas) x Flemmingh. Extremely talented TOP dressage horse!

Dressage Horses for Sale California Emily Lasher


SOLD to Cindi, California USA
Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2h 1.67m
Gandhi x Don Vino. Dressage 1st level

Warmblood Dressage Horses for Sale Arizona California


Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Competing in Dressage, California USA

Lamour Dutch Dressage Warmblood for Sale Glamourdale x Jazz


SOLD to Dominique
Gelding, 4yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
World Champion Glamourdale x Grand Prix Olympic Jazz. Dressage 1st level

Dressage Horses for Sale New York


SOLD to Lara USA
Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Belissimo M x Eichbaum. Dressage 1st level

Kefir Gelding


SOLD to Russia
Gelding, 3yrs old, 17h 1.73m
Everdale (Lord Leatherdale). Dressage 1st level

Ponies for Sale


Gelding Pony, 13yrs old, 14½hh 1.47m
Eventing Novice/Dressage 2nd level/Jumping 3ft

Warmblood Mare for Sale USA Lillian Simons

Kate S

SOLD to Lillian USA
Mare in foal, 3yrs old, 16.3hh 1.72m
Governor (Totilas) x Welt Hit II. Dressage Novice

Dutch Warmblood Dressage Horses Holland


SOLD in Holland
Mare, 15yrs old, 16.2hh 1.69m
Olympic Ferro x Ramiro Z x Doruto. Breeding Mare

Dressage Horses for Sale Botswana


SOLD to Botswana
Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Glamourdale x Nero. Dressage Novice



SOLD to China
Gelding, 4yrs old, 16.1½hh 1.66m
United (Krack C) x Jetset-D. Dressage Novice

Amigo Gelding Horse


Gelding, 10yrs old, 17hh 1.72m
Special D x Pion x Rigoletto. Dressage 2nd level

Dressage Horses for Sale South Africa


SOLD to South Africa
Stallion, 4yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Valdez x Voltaire. Approved breeding stallion. Dressage 2nd level

British Dressage Horses For Sale UK


SOLD to UAE/England
Young Mare (in foal), 3yrs old, 17hh 1.73m
Zhivago (Crack C x Olympic Jazz) x Olympic Ferro


The Competitions begin in local communities with Introductory level classes where riders need only walk and trot. Horse and rider advance through a graduated series of levels, with tests of increasing difficulty at each level, until the most accomplished horse and rider teams compete at the Grand Prix levels and international competition, such as the Olympic games.

The Dressage sport consists of the lower levels: First, Second, Third and Fourth. Introductory and Training levels prelude First level in the United States. In Australia the levels are as follows Prep, Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium and Advanced. The FEI Federation Equestrian International levels: Prix St. Georges, Intermediare I, Intermediare II and Grand Prix. We offer a selection of talented Dutch warmblood dressage horses for sale from young prospects to Grand Prix schoolmasters.

The International Dressage Horse

Dressage horses are turned out to a very high standard, as competitive dressage is descended from royal presentations in Europe. It is traditional for horses to have their mane braided. In eventing, the mane is always braided on the right. In competitive dressage, however, it is occasionally braided on the left, should it naturally fall there. Braids vary in size depending on the conformation of the horse, but Europeans tend to put in fewer, larger braids.

Dressage Horses in the United States

Most dressage Horses in the United States usually have more braids per horse (possibly from the influence of hunter-style riding in the country). Braids are occasionally accented in white tape, which also helps them stay in throughout the day. The forelock may be left unbraided; this style is most commonly seen on stallions.

The tail of a Dressage Horse

A dressage horse tail is usually not braided (although it is permitted), because it may cause the horse to carry the tail stiffly. Because the tail is an extension of the animal’s spine, a supple tail is desirable as it shows that the horse is supple through his back. The tail should be “banged,” or cut straight across (usually above the fetlocks but below the hocks when held at the point where the horse naturally carries it). The dock is pulled or trimmed to shape it and give the horse a cleaner appearance.

Horse Coat and Polish

A bridle path is clipped or pulled, usually only 1-2 inches. The animal’s coat may or may not be trimmed. Hoof polish is usually applied before the horse enters the arena. The horse is impeccably clean, with a bathed coat and sparkling white markings. Foam should not be cleaned off the horse’s mouth before he enters the arena. Quarter marks are sometimes seen, especially in the dressage phase of eventing, however they are not currently in style for competitive dressage.