Transport, Export & Services

We are dedicated to providing clients and trainers with quality Dutch sport horses and we offer transport, export and horse boarding and training services.

Assisting with Horse Transport Export & Services

We offer horse finding, training, transport & export services. We provide professional assistance to horse owners or trainers who wish to either buy or sell a horse. Our honest, ethical and reputable contacts enable us to provide our clients with high quality, valuable horses for their money and saving time, money and the frustrations that can occur.

We always hope you will be able to come over and visit us in The Netherlands. Meeting each other in person provides more information than any online website in the world. You must know that we will gladly pick you up at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport personally and we can take care of hotel reservations if necessary. If you would like to rent a car yourself we can provide you all the information you need to get here.

Finding your dream horse!

If you are looking for your dream horse, do not hesitate to make inquiries or an appointment.

Feel free to Contact Us by email or phone . Please let us know what kind of horse you (or your student) are looking for by giving your preference for gender, color, age, height, schooling level and price range.

We also have every horse undergo a very strict clinical exam including all flexions, trotting on hard ground etc. We have our specialized horse clinic to perform the clinical exam the same way it is done in the United States. The digital x-rays can send by our veterinarian clinic specialized in horses in the Netherlands to your own veterinarian.

Horse Export Vetting Services

Blood tests

Your horse will be tested on dourine, glanders, coggins and piroplasmosis. The results for these blood tests will take three working days. Mares and stallions have to do CEM tests as well.

A physical medical examination by an official government veterinarian/inspector just before departure of the horse is also compulsory. This is to confirm that the animal is fit and healthy enough for the journey.


We strongly recommend you to insure your horse from the moment you purchased it. Of course we can take care of this on your request.


After we have the (negative) results of the blood and CEM tests we can look for a date that is convenient for you. Usually we can book a ticket in 1 or 2 weeks. KLM Cargo fly to almost every destinations. The horses are treated as first class passengers with specific needs. Each horse shipment is accompanied by professional grooms, who monitor the well being of the horses and will ensure stress free transport. Horses travelling by air must go for 3 days in quarantine on arrival and will then be tested on earlier mentioned diseases. When these tests give a negative results, the horses will be released from quarantine. Geldings can then travel to the final destination. Mares and stallions are to be transported to a CEM-quarantine facility. For the other destinations a quarantine or isolation period may be required before departure of the horses.

Horse Transport Companies

We are working together with many transport companies and agents in many different countries. All to make sure horse transport, export and import services for your horse(s) will go smoothly. For example;