Warmblood Horses for Sale

Our Warmblood Horses for sale sorted in disciplines

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For Sale
Gelding, 6yrs old, 17hh 1.73m
Cosun x Ircolando x Pele x Le Mexico. Jumping 1.30m

Hunter Jumper Horse for Sale California USA


SOLD to Elizabeth, California USA
Gelding, 8yrs old, 16.3hh 1.70m
Wins in the 3’6″ Amateur-Owner Hunters at ‘AA’ shows. Equitation 3’3″

Jumping Stallion For Sale Zuuthoeve X Baloubet Du Rouet


For Sale
Stallion, 9yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Thunder v.d. Zuuthoeve x Baloubet du Rouet
Approved Breeding Stallion. Jumping 1.45m Int.

Hunter Jumper Horses for Sale Arizona USA


SOLD to California USA
Gelding, 6yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Hunter 3’6″

Show Jumping Mare For Sale Netherlands


For Sale
Mare, 9yrs old, 16.2+hh 1.69m
Show Jumping 1.35m / 1.40m

Dutch Dressage Warmblood Lamour Glamourdale x Jazz


Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
World Champion Glamourdale x Grand Prix Olympic Jazz. Dressage 1st level

Warmblood Dressage Horses for Sale California Emily Lasher


Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Competing in Dressage, California USA

Show Jumping Warmblood Horse for Sale


For Sale
Gelding, 12yrs old, 16.2hh 1.69m
Montender x Quick Star x Sandro. Jumping 1.30m

Show Jumping for Sale Kuwait


SOLD to Gemila, Kuwait
Mare, 9yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Goodtimes x Zeus x Garant. Show Jumping 1.50m

Show Jumping Horses for Sale Japan

Eau de Vie

SOLD to Nippon Japan
Gelding, 9yrs old, 17hh 1.73m
Jumping 1.40m Nat. and International

Jumping Horses Canada


SOLD to Liz, Canada
Mare, 9yrs old, 16.2hh 1.69m
Acolino x Equador x Burggraaf. Jumping 1.30/1.40m Nat. and International

Jumping Mare For Sale South Africa


SOLD to South Africa
Mare, 8yrs old, 16.1hh 1.66m
Carnute x Landgraf I. Jumping 1.30m

Warmblood Show Jumping Horse for Sale Kuwait


SOLD to Kuwait
Mare, 6yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Lancelot x Edison. Jumping 1.25m

Jumping Horses for Sale California Arizona USA


Gelding, 12yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Vittorio x Raphael. Jumping 1.30 / 1.35m

Jumping Mare D. Adermie

D. Adermie

SOLD in Holland
Mare, 7yrs old, 16.2hh 1.67m
Colman x Sam R x Joost. Jumping 1.35m

Jumping Horses for Sale USA Avance


SOLD to Kristen, USA
Mare, 6yrs old, 16.3hh 1.70m
Lancelot x Topas x Nimmerdor. Jumping 1.30m

Jumping Horse for Sale South Africa


SOLD to South Africa
Mare, 9yrs old, 17hh 1.73m
No Limit x Ramiro Z. Jumping 1.30m

Jumping Horses for Sale Dubai Qatar


SOLD to Middle East
Mare, 5yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Carthino Z x Corland. Jumping 1.25m

Warmblood Jumping Horses for Sale Saudi Arabia


SOLD to Saudi Arabia
Mare, 8yrs old, 16.2hh 1.67m
Indoctro x Renville. Jumping 1.30m



SOLD to Megan, South Africa
Mare, 5yrs old, 16.2½hh 1.69m
Massimo x Goodtimes. Jumping 1.25m

Show Jumping Horse for Sale Saudi Arabia


SOLD to Saudi Arabia
Mare, 9yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Indoctro x Abantos x G. Ramiro Z. Jumping 1.20m

Warmblood breeding mare


SOLD to Botswana
Mare, 8yrs old, 16.2½hh 1.69m
Karandasj x Lux x Voltaire x Uppercut. Jumping breeding / sport mare

Show Jumping Horse for Sale Brazil


SOLD to Daniela, Brazil
Gelding, 10yrs old, 16.2hh 1.69m
Orame x Glennridge x Flemmingh. Jumping 1.40m International



SOLD to Lauri, South Africa
Gelding, 5yrs old, 16.1½hh 1.67m
Indoctro x Burggraaf. Jumping 1.20 / 1.25m

Horses Holland

Catch You J

SOLD to South Africa
Gelding, 7yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Michael x Neckar x Goodtimes. Jumping 1.25 / 1.30m

Equitation Horses for Sale California Arizona USA


SOLD to Carolyn, California USA
Mare, 8yrs old, 16.1hh 1.65m
Equitation horse for a junior or amateur. Jumping 1.10m Equitation 3’6″

Equitation Horses Florida


Gelding, 6yrs old, 16.1½hh 1.66m
Florenciano x Rachmaninoff. Hunter Jumper 3’3″ / 3’6″

Dressage Horses for Sale New York


SOLD to Lara USA
Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Belissimo M x Eichbaum. Dressage 1st level

Emily Lasher Dressage Horses for Sale California USA


SOLD to Cindi, California USA
Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2h 1.67m
Gandhi x Don Vino. Dressage 1st level

Young Black Dressage Stallion for Sale South Africa


SOLD to South Africa
Colt Foal, big size
Extremely elegant, long legged, black dressage colt foal by Glock’s Zonik



SOLD to Russia
Gelding, 3yrs old, 17h 1.73m
Everdale (Lord Leatherdale). Dressage 1st level

Ponies for Sale


Gelding Pony, 13yrs old, 14½hh 1.47m
Eventing Novice/Dressage 2nd level/Jumping 3ft

Young Horses for Sale New York


SOLD to New York USA
Filly Foal, big size
Unique bay filly foal by High Shutterfly x Armani

Warmblood Mare for Sale USA Lillian Simons

Kate S

SOLD to Lillian USA
Mare in foal, 3yrs old, 16.3hh 1.72m
Governor (Totilas) x Welt Hit II. Dressage Novice

Dutch Warmblood Dressage Horses Holland


SOLD in Holland
Mare, 15yrs old, 16.2hh 1.69m
Olympic Ferro x Ramiro Z x Doruto. Breeding Mare

Dressage Horses for Sale Botswana


SOLD to Botswana
Gelding, 3yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Glamourdale x Nero. Dressage Novice



SOLD to China
Gelding, 4yrs old, 16.1½hh 1.66m
United (Krack C) x Jetset-D. Dressage Novice



Gelding, 10yrs old, 17hh 1.72m
Special D x Pion x Rigoletto. Dressage 2nd level

Dressage Stallion for Sale South Africa


SOLD to South Africa
Stallion, 4yrs old, 16.2hh 1.68m
Valdez x Voltaire. Approved breeding stallion. Dressage 2nd level

Dressage Colt Foal for Sale Krack C


SOLD to Lara USA
Colt Foal, big size (expected 17hh 1.73m)
Cupido x Krack C x Amethist. Future dressage prospect

Foals and Young Horses for Sale by Glock Toto Totilas


Filly Foal, big size
Glock’s Toto jr. (Totilas) x Rousseau x Houston

Foal and Young Horse by Glocks Zonik for Sale


SOLD to Botswana
Colt Foal, big size
by World famous dressage stallion Glock’s Zonik

Foal and Young Horse by Governor for Sale

Le Vemmion

SOLD to South Africa
Colt Foal, big size
Governor x Flemmingh. Exceptional elegant black colt foal with 3 elastic gaits

Dream Boy Foal for Sale Emily Lasher Dressage California


SOLD to Emily Lasher Dressage USA
Filly Foal, big size
Dream Boy x Armani (approved dressage stallion) x Voltaire

Warmblood Horses for Sale Chile


SOLD to Chile
Yearling Mare, 1yrs old, big size
Desperado x Olympic Ferro

Dutch Warmblood Foal for Sale Wynton Ferro


SOLD in Holland
Filly Foal, Big size
Wynton x Ferro. Out of the famous dressage NIKI-line

British Dressage Horses For Sale UK


SOLD to UAE/England
Young Mare (in foal), 3yrs old, 17hh 1.73m
Zhivago (Crack C x Olympic Jazz) x Olympic Ferro

The Dutch Warmblood horses for sale in Holland are a “warmblood sporthorse” breed.

Warmblood Horses

Warmblood simply distinguishes this type of horse from the “cold bloods” (draft horses) and the “hot bloods” (Thoroughbreds and Arabs). Sporthorse refers to the intended use of the breed – as a competitive and recreational horse for the major international equestrian disciplines.

Warmblood Horses Characteristics

Our warmblood horses for sale in Holland usually stand over 16 hands, with some reaching 17 hands. The most predominant colors are bay and chestnut, but blacks and grays are also seen. White markings on the face and legs are common. The head is refined, usually with a straight profile. The neck is long and arched, meeting fairly prominent withers. The shoulder is well-sloped and the girth is deep, with plenty of heart room. The forelegs are strong, with well-muscled forearms. The hindquarters are powerful and the hock joints are low to the ground. These factors combine to give great power to the “engine” of the warmblood horses.

Use of Warmblood Horses

Our warmblood horses for sale in Holland are very versatile horses. They excels in top level competition, in dressage, show-jumping and eventing. The calm, even temperament makes them easy to work with and they are willing to turn a hoof, so to speak, to just about anything. If you scan the leader boards at any national or international competition, you are sure to find that there are warmblood horses on the list. For more information about our warmblood horses for sale visit our galleries.