Warmblood Stallion Keuring

The Dutch KWPN Warmblood Stallion Keuring, also known as KWPN Stallion Show, is a keuring for 3 and 4 years old stallions and is based on 3 evaluation gradings during 3 weeks.

Every year there will be about 900 stallions that are offered by their owners if they think that their stallions are of exceptional good quality, conformation, movements and interesting bloodlines. It is very expensive to prepare the stallions and join the keuring. From the 900 competing stallions there will be approximately 25 stallions that are allowed to do the 100 day test. On the end of the test there will about 12 stallions that get approved and receive a breeding license by the KWPN.

The keuring system offers an evaluation of your horse against the standard for Dutch KWPN warmblood horses worldwide. Information is compiled on the keuring results, thereby providing feedback for breeders and the community at large on the success of various bloodlines and breeding choices. Mares and stallions can also receive “predicates” based on the quality of their offspring at keuringen. A keuring is also an educational opportunity.