Equitation Horses

We offer top quality equitation horses for sale in Holland and we are specialized in training and selling international Dutch equitation horses, hunters, jumpers and show jumpers worldwide. We are offering equitation horses for sale for the American market. We use Dutch KWPN equitation horses with great character and a good dressage background. Our equitation horses have a size between 16.1 – 17 hands, a beautiful conformation with pretty faces.
Our stable is located in Holland / The Netherlands (Europe).

Equitation refers to a rider's position while mounted, and encompasses a rider's ability to ride correctly and with effective aids. In competitions, this is judged in equitation classes, or classes at horse shows that mainly judge the rider's performance and control of the horse, as opposed to the performance of the horse. Equitation classes occur in the Hunt seat, Saddle seat, Dressage, and Western disciplines. A good equitation rider is always in balance with the horse, maintains a correct position in every gait, movement, or over a fence, and possesses a commanding, but relaxed, presence. They are effective riders, able to direct the horse with nearly invisible aids.

In the United States, the largest organizer of equestrian competitions is the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). The organization offers equitation classes at its recognized shows, including those in hunt seat, dressage seat, saddle seat, and Western.

Peter Berkers Sporthorses offers equitation horses for sale in Holland and is specializing in training and selling top quality international equitation horses, hunters, jumpers and show jumpers worldwide.

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